We provide a variety of Services:  Legal research, copies, document retrievals, calendar calls, deed searches. We have a team of messengers who are readily available to pick up and deliver your documents for a reasonable price, our average price is $50 per service of process, in most cases our service of process is completed within three(3) days.

We accept documents by email for services, saving our clients shipping time, shipping expenses and office labor.

Timely Execution

Do not miss your court deadline. Our services assures you of timely filing and avoids the troubles of missing crucial time constraints and jurisdictional legal arguments. Our legal processing and messenger services are able to meet your challenge to file time sensitive documents. Our experts will prepare and file documents before the court deadline.

Paralegal Services

Whether you are an attorney or a pro-se Individual we offer our assistance with the preparation of certain forms such as divorce, immigration, corporation set up, bankruptcy, loan modification, translation and more.